Tourism Areas

No matter where you travel in Northern Ontario, we have thousands of bodies of water offering some of the world’s best freshwater fishing experiences. From inland lakes, rivers and streams to the iconic Great Lakes, Northern Ontario is an angler’s paradise! If fishing on pristine bodies of water, surrounded by pure wilderness is what you have in mind, there is no better destination than this. There are many ways to explore this region via car, plane, paddle or train, and many tourism areas to explore!

Algoma Country

Algoma Country is a year round playground for anglers offering bass, northern pike, panfish, walleye and several species of trout from its inland waters.

Explorer’s Edge

The gateway to Northeastern Ontario, this region is close to big city centers, but a world away offering iconic cottage country getaways, along with great fishing for walleye, northern pike, muskie, panfish and lake trout.

Northeastern Ontario

This region is known for huge lake trout, monster northern pike & muskie, as well as great walleye and bass fishing. Also home of a record class brook trout…if you are searching for big adventure, you will find it here.

Northwestern Ontario

Renowned for its trophy fishing experiences, the Northwest offers exceptional trophy fishing of record northern pike, muskie, walleye, lake trout, bass & panfish, as well as steelhead and salmon.

Tourism Areas of Northern Ontario

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